Olivier salad

Some people choose to make salads for the party and make it. Some spend time decorating it and prepare it very beautifully for a table or table. This dish can be prepared in many different ways. He designed with different designers and used different materials to decorate it, but sometimes some make it for themselves as a staple food. Some people like the food they cook and cook best. They can design and make it beautiful, in addition to doing it for their parties for themselves and their families. It is also doing its main recipe is suitable for 4 people to inform teaching cooking and recipe Olivier in the form of observations join

Ingredients for salads

Four potatoes

Two eggs in the egg

Mayonnaise three tablespoons

Chicken breast a number

Five cucumbers

Water in the required amount

One tablespoon of olive oil

How to make a salad

Boil the chicken breast in some water then wash the potatoes and let them boil. Boil the eggs as well. After all the ingredients are cooked and cooled we pat the potatoes. And peel the eggs, then wash the cucumbers and mix all the ingredients in the food processor, then add the mayonnaise and olive oil and blend all the ingredients together. Put it in a suitable container and design it to your liking and decorate it with cucumber and tomato.

source : طرز تهیه سالاد الویه